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The Numbers Tell the (Partial) Tale

Here’s some numbers that tell (the partial) tale of our time on the road:

165: Number of days we’ve been on the road. When we first launched, every morning we’d update the whiteboard on our fridge with the following info: Days on the Road, Destination, and Word of the Day. Now, we just do this on travel days.

$525: The dollar amount of the ticket I received for a speeding in Tillamook County, Oregon, back in September. Some of you may know bits and pieces of this story. We were making our way down the Oregon Coast, when I was pulled over for doing 42 miles per hour in a school zone. The posted speed limit was 45, but the officer insisted the School Zone Light was flashing, as I was passing through. I never saw a flashing light and told the officer as much. Obviously, I couldn’t attend a physical trial, but via letter, I pleaded “Not Guilty.” Working with my entire legal team (my loving wife and child that was born a litigator), I mounted a solid defense, doing some detective work, including calling the school to determine when the lights are on, and noting to the judge that I was cited during a time when the lights were off, which led to the next number…

$0: The amount I ended up paying on said speeding ticket after the Judge found me not guilty.

500+: Approximate number of games played of Cover Your Assets and Lucky Undies (also known as Idiot). We have bonded with many other families playing these games, and as a family of four, we’ve really enjoyed playing, as well. We’re a gaming family! (What games do you love? Leave a note in the comments – we love learning new games!)

9: Number of grapefruits I picked from a tree, after a run through a public park. I’m sure if anyone saw me, jumping high to grab a grapefruit (and even using a stick to knock a few down), they’d have thought me crazy, but hands down, these were the best grapefruits we’ve ever had!

1: Number of oil changes I’ve done on YOLO, our Jayco Greyhawk. (also, number of oil changes I’ve ever done!) Thanks to Do It Yourself fellow RVers and YouTube, I decided I was going to change the oil on our rig. Replacing the filter and draining the old oil was easier than I imagined it would be, and I figure I saved us anywhere from $50-$100. But the real joy was learning something new.

A palm oasis near Palm Desert, CA

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