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Rites of Passage

Memorial Services and Funerals


If you are reading this, then most likely you’re experiencing some of the disorientation, grief, and overwhelm that can accompany the death of a loved one. These are the signposts of a deep and profound transition in your life, as you begin to make sense of the world and yourself with your beloved no longer in it.


We join you in your grief, and with an open and compassionate heart, we will invite you to share stories and memories of the deceased, as together, we craft a service that reflects the beauty, complexity, and full humanity of the deceased.

In the service itself, your loved one will be remembered and celebrated, as the gathered community weeps, laughs, shares stories, and is invited to let the best of the deceased live on in them.

We consider it a great honor to accompany families who have lost a loved one. We specialize is leading memorial and funeral services for individuals and families who identify as "spiritual but not religious," agnostic, atheist, humanist, Unitarian Universalist, progressive/liberal Christian, pagan, and those who aren't connected to a faith community at all. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and affirming. 

We also can provide grief counseling during this time of transition.


Getting married can be one of the biggest, most joyful transitions people experience.

We work closely with couples to create a wedding ceremony that reflects the couple’s wishes, their love, and their deepest values.

Through conversation and prompts, we assist couples in explicitly naming the promises they need and will make to each other as they craft their vows. This is a sacred process.

Thoughtfully crafted vows animate, shape, and inspire your marriage. These sacred promises are a touchstone that you can return to again and again as you navigate the difficult moments and troubled waters that visit every marriage. 

We partner with each couple to create a unique, memorable, meaningful, and inspiring ceremony that touches everyone present and reminds them of the role they have in supporting your marriage. We joyfully works with couples of all faith traditions, gender identities, and orientations.  

Wedding packages include:

  • Two planning and preparation meetings with you (more if needed)

  • Prompts to help personalize your ceremony and begin writing your vows 

  • An expansive resource list of poetry and readings you may want to choose for the ceremony (or you can choose your own)

  • Availability by phone or email to answer any questions that come up

  • A joyful and well-coordinated wedding rehearsal

  • An original, personalized wedding ceremony (you’ll receive a copy of the ceremony) 

  • Signing the Marriage Certificate

  • Optional: premarital and post marriage questions counseling sessions.

Fee: $1000-$3000

Justin Schroeder officiating a wedding

Other Rites of Passage

Baby's Clutch

We will gladly partner with you to create Blessingways, a ritual to honor and celebrate the transition into motherhood, fatherhood or parenthood, a child dedication, or a coming of age ceremony for youth.

We can create rituals to bless a new home or a unique ceremony for your particular needs.

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