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At Holding Space for Change, we are grounded in and guided by these core values and beliefs:

  • You are the expert of your own life. Your deepest knowing and truth are what matters most. We partner with you, inviting you to tap into your own wellspring of knowing and surface what is most true and lifegiving for your journey. 

  • We believe that personal growth, healing, and wellness ripple outside an individual’s life, impacting friends, family, and community.

  • We joyfully welcome your whole self into our practice.  We identify as white, cis-gendered people, and our commitment is to make our practice accessible to you whatever your identities are. 

  • We consistently work to challenge historic patterns of oppression as we imagine what liberation looks like and join with others in creating a more just and loving world.  

  • We are practitioners committed to our own growth and wellness.  We each work with our respective spiritual directors and therapists.

  • We aspire for our work together to be joyful, even as there will be hard and painful moments too.

  • 10% of profit we earn will be donated to BIPOC led organizations doing healing justice work.


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