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Holding Space for Change 

Our practice accompanies individuals and groups through the process of change, transition and transformation.  We believe change is a normal part of life, but not easy to do in isolation. 


"Holding Space" means offering a compassionate, attentive, and nonjudgmental presence for both who you are now, and who you are becoming. 


We hold space, and offer guidance, practices, and connection through services including therapy, spiritual direction, rites of passage, and groups and retreats.

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For over 15 years, Juliana has been a practicing social worker. She works with individuals and groups who seek to make sense of the pains and pleasures of the human experience, and find meaning and joy amidst the heartbreaks of life.

As a therapist and facilitator she brings compassion, insight, intuition, somatic skills, and evidence-based practices into her work with individuals and groups. Most of all she holds space to value all the parts of who you are and all the experiences that make up your life.

Juliana Keen

She completed a Masters of Social Work and a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Minnesota in 2009 and holds a BA from Oberlin College.  She is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker and has completed extensive training in somatic practices, mindfulness, and Intercultural Development.  She is trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy and CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia).

She has helped pass legislation for marriage equality, increased access to healthcare, and wage increases for caregivers.  

The granddaughter of immigrants and refugees, Juliana was shaped by her family’s value of centering social justice, family, and community.  She is the third generation in her family to work as a therapist. She enjoys devouring books, connecting with friends,  and being in warm places, preferably by a beach.   

Juliana offers therapy, groups and retreats, and workshops.

Juliana Keen


Justin Schroeder

As a Unitarian Universalist minister, Justin has more than two decades of experience in spiritual leadership, offering spiritual direction/accompaniment, care, rites of passage, deep listening, and meaningful, healing, small group experiences for countless individuals. He has a heart for being with individuals and groups as they make sense of their lives and discern the "next right step" in their journey. 

Justin completed his Masters of Divinity in 2007 at Meadville Lombard Seminary, and holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from Colorado State University.  

Justin Schroeder, Spiritual Director, Coach

Justin is the oldest of five children, and grew up on the front range of the Colorado Rockies. He was homeschooled, and curiosity was the primary teacher. Curiosity and compassion continue to be his North Star, guiding all that he does in his work with individuals and groups.

Justin has an active daily spiritual practice, which includes meditation, writing, and yoga. Justin enjoys gardening, games, biking, baking, running, and spending time with his children. 

Justin offers spiritual direction, rites of passagecoachinggroups and retreats, and workshops.

Justin Schroeder, Spiritual Director and Coach, and Juliana Keen, Anxiety Therapist

A little more about our story...

We have been together for over 20 years. Our marriage vows, and our practice of holding regular, dedicated space for clarifying our values, has led us on some non-traditional paths. 

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to take a sabbatical from our intense fulltime jobs, and live abroad.  During this time, we explored what it meant to lead a slower, simpler life with our kids. 

We came home, and through a discernment period decided to reimagine our lives. We started planning our next steps, which included saying good good-byes to jobs we thought we would be in until retirement, renting out our house again, and spending a year traveling in an RV throughout the US and Mexico.   

We returned back to our home in Minneapolis with a renewed commitment to our values of community, family, wellness and to our passion for holding space for others as their deepest truths come to life.  

Check out our blog to learn more about our journey

Other Practitioners

We enjoy working with a variety of wise, thoughtful, justice-minded individuals.

More coming soon about our partners!

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