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  • What do you mean by "Transition", "Change" and "Transformation"?
    Our understanding of 'change' is something that happens externally in your life, such as a move, a career change, or the ending or beginning of a relationship. A transition is an internal process that is characterized by, 1) the end of something known, 2) living in an unknown middle place, and 3) a new beginning.* The catalyst for a transition, such as a marriage or death, may be observable, but more frequently transitions are internal experiences, such as questioning a part of your identity, like gender, or a deep reorientation of your political or religious beliefs, or finding out a family secret. Transformation is a process where a person, group, or community arrives at a new understanding or consciousness of themselves, as well as a new outlook on their inner and outer worlds. When experiencing change, transition, and transformation one can feel, joy, confusion, anxiety, grief, relief, among other feelings, or some combination of all of them. *this way of understanding 'transition' is drawn from the work of William Bridges.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Minneapolis, MN, USA. We can travel for weddings, memorial services, and retreats.
  • Who are your clients?
    We joyfully hold space that is accessible to you, in all of your identities. Our work is guided by these values.
  • What is spiritual direction?
    Spiritual direction is a deeply relational process, in which a trained spiritual guide listens to and accompanies someone who is seeking a deeper relationship with life and the sacred. Check out this blog post for a more in-depth dive into spiritual companioning and what it is.
  • Do I have to be religious to do spiritual direction?
    Absolutely not! Many of the people we work with identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” and some people prefer not to use labels at all. We are guided by core values (listed in this FAQ); if these values resonate with you, we’d love to work together.
  • Should I explore therapy, spiritual direction, or coaching? What’s the difference?
    While there is some overlap between these practices, there are significant differences. If you want support with emotional pain and negative thought patterns or behaviors- or your primary concern is dealing with anxiety or depression, therapy is probably your best option. If you’re seeking to deepen your spiritual life, to grow in your relationship with the sacred, then spiritual direction is probably a good fit. In our practice, 'sacred' refers to that which is most meaningful and life giving for you. If you are a leader seeking support as you navigate a variety of challenges in your workplace, including exhaustion or burnout, coaching is likely the best fit. In each of these modalities, and from each of these lenses, we are guided by our core values.
  • What is your religious or spiritual background?
    Justin grew up attending a Unitarian Universalist Congregation ( and this is the faith tradition he served for several decades. Juliana’s grandparents were Jewish, and she was raised Unitarian Universalist. We believe there is great wisdom and insight in each of the world’s religions. We also believe that each person is an authority on their own life, and this deep knowing, along with spiritual teachings, and/or a faith community, can guide and shape one's life. There isn’t one right path that one must follow in order to live a deep and fulfilling life.
  • Do you meet virtually or in person?
    Therapy services are offered in person in Minneapolis or virtually to anyone in Minnesota. Coaching, spiritual direction, and groups are primarily offered virtually and can be accessed by people in any location.
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