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The Badlands

We arrived at Badlands National Park yesterday evening.  It’s not that far from home, but feels like another world.  My favorite part was the solid quiet.  Little J loved climing and jumping (his favorite part of everywhere), T liked climbing a steep ladder on a hike and walking along a cliff with a deadly drop-off.

I woke up feeling ungrounded. I think my spirit needed time to catch up with my body.  The past few weeks we’ve been moving at a frenetic pace.  My particular brand of disregulation feels like bad food poisoning with a side of dread.  Most of my life it’s felt like a curse, but I can now also see how it forces me to slow down.  I am a long way from feeling gratitude for this experience, but am trying to make peace with what this body requires of me.  Justin took the boys for a hike in the morning and I enjoyed some quiet time and felt restored afterward.

We all went scrambling on the rocks to watch the sunset.  Little J said it looked like the sun “went into a pocket in the clouds” which was an apt description.  He thanked the sun for the brightness and warmth and told it to say hi to our Kiwi family in New Zealand where it shines when we are on the dark side. 

Off to Spearfish,SD tomorrow! 

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