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Spiritual Direction: A Place for Deep Listening, Discernment, and Connection with the Sacred

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

The past three years have brought about an avalanche of change, upheaval, adjustment, disorientation, and re-prioritization to many of our lives. All one needs to do is open the paper, or log on to the internet, to see the troubled waters we are swimming in. From the mental health crises, to the ongoing struggle for racial justice, to burnout in nearly every sector of society, it’s not surprising if you have the sense that something in your life needs to change, or that you're needing additional support.

It could be that your old habits and patterns are no longer serving you, your loved ones, or your life. Or maybe your job is crushing your spirit, and no longer the right fit. You’re feeling called to try something new, or want to listen deeply to your inner knowing about what’s next in your life. Or perhaps you simply want to deepen your spiritual life and practice. If any of this describes you, I'd be delighted to work with you as your Spiritual Director/Spiritual Companion.

Spiritual Directors have played a critical role in my growth as a human being, accompanying me as I discern the next right steps are in my life, in ministry, in parenting, and in my relationships. Said another way, they’ve helped me listen deeply to where love is calling me, and how spirit is present in my life.

As I hope is clear, Spiritual Direction is less about directing someone, and more about companioning and witnessing someone deepen their connections to their own life and the larger life they are a part of. As a Spiritual Director, my goal is to be trustworthy, present, empathic, curious, and compassionate about all that you are bringing to our time together. I hold a non-judgmental, confidential space and I work with anyone interested in Spiritual Direction, including folks who identify as spiritual but not religious, or claim no faith at all. I create a container for your spirit to catch up with your body, for you to slow down, and pay deep attention to what is happening within you. I hold space for your questions and wonderings, formed and unformed. I journey with you as you navigate change and transition, deepening your relationship with the divine, the sacred, and with life itself.

I would be honored to explore the possibilities of doing Spiritual Direction work with you.

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