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New Beginning!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

“It feels like spring,” Juliana said to me recently, as a gentle snow floated down from the grey sky. “I completely agree,” I said, thinking about the forecast for a weekend with a high near 0 degrees.

If you’re wondering, “What the heck?” let me assure you that it certainly isn’t the mounds of crusty snow piled everywhere, or the ice chunks littering the streets and sidewalks that made me think of spring. The spring we were talking about was an internal feeling, a sense of aliveness and vitality, a time of growth and budding we are in, after a season of discernment.

Since the early days of our time on the road, we’ve been playing with the idea of starting a joint practice called “Holding Space for Change,” a practice that accompanies people through life transitions and thresholds moments. We’ve imagined doing what we most love to do: holding space for people as they wrestle with the questions, insights, joys, and uncertainty that emerges when we slow down and pay attention. 

Instead of moving quickly to bring this to life, we spent months holding space for ourselves to let the idea and the longing percolate. After months of gestation, we are clear about what we’d like to bring into the world. We will offer spiritual direction, therapy, retreats, as well as deeply personalized rites of passage. Our website will be live by March.

Bringing this vision into being feels like welcoming the green shoots of spring as they bust through the brown winter leftovers that cover the earth. We can’t wait to see how we and “Holding Space for Change” grow and evolve in the coming months and years.

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