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A path to find your way through the forest; a trusted companion will walk alongside you

Accompanying people through change,
transition, and transformation

The moment of change is the only poem.
      -Adrienne Rich


Are you experiencing a change, transition, or transformation in your life? 

These experiences can be small, like a quiet longing for things to be different, or they can

be big, like a marriage, death, divorce, career change, or birth. These experiences can be joyful, painful, scary, confusing, exhausting, or all of the above. 

We are not meant to go through this alone. 

We are here to accompany and support you as you journey through the unknown. 

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Between us, we have four decades of experience supporting individuals, groups, and communities in aligning their lives with their values. 

To us, "Holding space" means offering a caring, attentive, non-judgmental presence and providing support as people navigate the process of change.

Through therapy, spiritual direction, group experiences and deeply personalized rites of passage, we hold space for who you are right now and for who you are becoming.

A tunnel through sculpted rock

Kind Words About Us

There is a part of us that exists below the surface of our immediate thoughts and feelings. Justin and Juliana have a way of creating a sense of open acceptance and curiosity that has allowed me, and others I know, to reach into the depths of who we are in an essential and beloved way. 

My life has been profoundly enriched by their soulful companionship and their wisdom in the midst of my hardest moments. They know how to listen to people into their own truth.  I have been blessed to create rituals with them to make sacred life passages. These embodied celebrations of life are unforgettable touchstones on my journey.


-Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar

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