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Holding  Space  for  Rights of Passage


Wedding Ceremonies

Justin works closely with couples to create a wedding ceremony that reflects the couple’s wishes, their love, and their deepest values. Through conversation and prompts, Justin assists couples in explicitly naming the promises they need from and will make to each other as they craft and write their vows. This is a sacred process. Thoughtfully crafted vows animate, shape, and inspire your marriage. These sacred promises are a touchstone that you can return to again and again as you navigate the difficult moments and troubled waters that visit every marriage. 

Justin partners with each couple to create a unique, memorable, meaningful, inspiring ceremony, that touches everyone present, and reminds them of the role they have in supporting your marriage. He joyfully works with couples of all faith traditions, gender identities, and orientations.  

This package includes: 


  • Two planning and preparation meetings with you (more if needed)

  • Prompts to help personalize your ceremony and begin writing your vows 

  • An expansive resource list of poetry and readings you may want to choose for the ceremony (or you can choose your own)

  • Availability by phone or email to answer any questions that come up

  • A joyful and well-coordinated wedding rehearsal

  • An original, personalized wedding ceremony (you’ll receive a copy of the ceremony) 

  • Signing the Marriage Certificate

Memorial  Service, Funerals,  Graveside  or Spreading  of  Ashes Service


If you’re reading this, then most likely you’re experiencing some of the disorientation, grief, and overwhelm that can accompany death. Justin joins you in your grief, and with an open and compassionate heart, he will invite you to share stories and memories of the deceased. In the service itself, the person’s memory will come to life, as the gathered community weeps, laughs, remembers, and commits to letting the best of the deceased live on in them. Justin considers it a great honor to accompany families who have lost a loved one, and to craft a service that reflects the beauty, complexity, mystery, and full humanity of the deceased.

Holding Space for Personal Growth, Transformation, and Healing:



Your wellness and happiness are important. Maybe you are experiencing uncomfortable amounts of anxiety, depression or overwhelm that make it hard to function. Maybe you are facing a big life transition like a marriage, welcoming a new child, a divorce or grieving the loss of a loved one and are figuring out how to cope and who you are in these new times.

Whatever is going on, your whole complicated, beautiful self is welcome here.  Together we figure out what supports, strategies, conversations, practices, outlets, self and community care you need to feel well.

Mental Health Therapy for teens and adults who are experiencing: anxiety, panic disorder, depression, anger, grief, postpartum concerns, parenting challenges, burnout and challenging life transitions. She works with couples who are looking to reconnect, work through conflict and deepen their intimacy.  


As a Licensed Social Worker, Juliana brings evidence-based practices intermingled with compassion, humor and intuition to her work with adolescents, adults and couples.  Her therapy practice is grounded in somatic and mindfulness practices and she draws from the wisdom of a number of modalities including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy. 

Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Companioning

jeremy-yap-eCEj-BR91xQ-unsplash (1).jpg

With nearly two decades of spiritual leadership and spiritual companioning, Justin knows the importance of deep listening, gentle questioning, and inviting you to tune into the ways that love/ spirit/god/life force is alive in your life. So If you’re seeking to deepen your spiritual life, to grow in your relationship with the sacred, with that which is most meaningful and life giving to you, and to discern what the next right thing is in your life, then Justin would be delighted to work with you. 



Do you feel like you are pushing a giant boulder up a hill?  Or do you feel one stressful event away from losing it?  Have you been working to shift your organizational culture and dismantle oppressive structures, but feel stuck and frustrated?  


We provide coaching and support for leaders who are experiencing, or on the edge of experiencing burnout.  We work with you to discern your right next steps in realigning your time and energy with your highest priorities.   

Other Rituals and Rites of Passage We Offer:


We can partner with you to offer blessingways (a ritual way to honor and celebrate the transition into motherhood, fatherhood, or parenthood), a child dedication, a coming of age ceremony for a youth, a blessing for a new home, or to create a unique ceremony for your particular needs. 

Holding Space Small Groups


Holding Space Small Groups are a chance for 6-8 people to deeply connect and reflect.  These facilitated groups offer group-specific content and an opportunity for participants to reflect and feel witnessed.  Participants leave with new connections and insights that will support their relationship with their own self and their loved ones.

Upcoming groups:

Mama Support Group

Breaking Free Men’s Group


Upcoming Retreat: Feb 2024

Couples Retreat/Vow Renewal in New Zealand


Spend a week at a beautiful country farm stay in the Hunua Ranges.  This retreat is open for 6 couples and will include daily sessions that deepen and strengthen your relationship as well as excursions and a vow renewal ceremony. 


Enjoy comfortable accommodations, nutritious food, sauna, hot tub, on a beautiful property with sheep, glow worms, a small waterfall, nearby hiking trails, and warm and welcoming kiwi hosts.

We will conclude with a vow renewal ceremony overlooking lush hills of the Hunua Ranges


To inquire about us leading a retreat for your community or organization 

Breaking Free Men’s Retreat: September, 2023

Support Group

Research shows that many men feel alone, isolated, and without close friends, or people they can openly talk to. This reality impacts not only our mental and physical health, but also the well-being of those around us. If we have children, this impacts our parenting, our partners, and our other loved ones. This retreat is designed to support men in breaking free from isolation and loneliness, so that we can live more open hearted and vital lives. 

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